Official Pixel Poetry film poster

Film Interview Excerpt: Games industry veteran/Deus Ex creator Warren Spector

Film screenshot: Gallery at the Ulrich Art Museum at Wichita State University

Film Interview Excerpt: Former G4TV and Revision3 host Adam Sessler

Film screenshot: Dallas, Texas street art by Kid NES1

Film Interview Excerpt: ThatGameCompany co-founder Kellee Santiago

Film screenshot: Vintage Nintendo games

Filmmaking/Video Production

Pixel Poetry is my second movie. It is currently available under distribution from Devolver Digital Films. You can get more info and view the trailer over at

The film serves as an open discussion on the topic of the effect of videogames on creative art and technology, and how we embrace it in the modern world. Through the voices of some of the foremost opinions within the industry, we set the stage for a turning point in the history of games, wherein they have evolved beyond what anyone could have comprehended. Topics covered are the games as art debate, violent videogames and gaming addiction, and the embrace of gaming in the modern age through rising movements like indie and mobile games.

Gamestar Arts, Devolver Digital Films
August 27th, 2014
Film, documentary, games